A masquerade teases a search for unattainable love as we explore the dark tone of Lauren Elaine's Black Label.

Info: Lloyd DeSouza worked with Lauren Elaine and her team of stylists to create a dark masquerade fantasy to showcase her new Black Label line. Utilizing the great set pieces in hidden antiques warehouse, a slow reveal matched with more dreamlike imagery explores the design styles of Lauren Elaine.

The video teases, as models interact directly with our camera, yet seemingly ignore our hero man, till the end when the hero and the lens become one and the same. Ford Model Kiersten Brada dove into the role of the seductress as she hides behind a mask, toying with our lead, while playing to the camera in more dream-like flashes.

Lauren Elaine Credits

Producer: Adam Powell & Lauren Elaine
Stylist: Lauren Elaine
Director: Lloyd DeSouza
Cinematographer: Kevin Gosselin
Edit/Color: Sam Cividanis