Taking a step forward from their last films, Roark's hero character evolves to expand the line further.

Info: Roark, a Los Angeles label that continues to grow, globally, expands on the abstract narrative that has marked their fashion films. Lloyd DeSouza comes on to transform model Walker Michaels into a stoic warrior-scholar, ready to take the brand in a new direction, globally minded. Though rooted in basics, the line is accented with rich leathers and jackets that have defined their silhouette. While keeping the focus on the cut and texture of the clothing, we still weave a tight storyline that follows our hero as he prepares for his next 'mission'.

Lauren Elaine Credits

Producer: Roark Collective
Stylist: Chris Allison
Director: Lloyd DeSouza
Cinematographer: Kevin Gosselin
Edit/Color: Lloyd DeSouza